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  • Who Is Baron Samedi of Voodoo?
  • Who is Baron Samedi of Voodoo? You wake in a strange location. The scent of dirt surrounds you. The dark sky is an endless area over. You understand your existing in a fresh tomb. Over you, the shape of a guy appears. He cracks an unrefined joke as well as laughs, a high nasally audio. […]

  • Who is Erzulie Dantor?
  • Who is Erzulie Dantor? She is believed to be the lwa of motherhood. The lwa of divine treatment as well as love, individuals, particularly moms prayer her mostly all year. Who is Erzulie Dantor? Why? It is thought that by venerating this divine being, you will be blessed by wealth crazy and also success. As […]

  • Is Voodoo a Cult?
  • Is Voodoo  a cult? Voodoo is an animist faith that consecrates a cult to Loas (gods) and also to the forefathers– the cult of forefathers constitutes a system of religions; and also ceremonies which are used mostly to reinforce the social system as well as the dependence of the household– and at the very same […]

  • Who is Maman Brigitte
  • Who is Maman Brigitte? Within modern witchcraft and also Paganism there’s constantly some conversation or other concerning social appropriation, whether to mix pantheons, which can praise what and more and also so forth. Who is Maman Brigitte? Occasionally we obtain as well captured up in these problems, we allowed them determine what we practice, think […]

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