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It has been a long time since the world was introduced to Voodoo – ever since the Atlantic slave trade brought the slaves out of Africa and in closer contact with the western and European world. But since we first learned of the existence of Voodoo, and up until the present times, our perception of this religion has been clouded by prejudice, fear, and the cloudy lens of sensationalist entertainment. So what, really, is Voodoo? “Voodoo, an Introductory Guide,” by Riley Star is a compilation of many of the world’s recent information regarding this previously obscure African-rooted religion. We take a look at the central beliefs, rituals, historical development, and evolution of Voodoo through the years. We learn the role it played in the lives of the African slaves, how it integrated within itself foreign religious practices such as Catholicism and native American traditions and spiritual practices.

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Quick and excellent read!

Excellent and quick read if you’re interested in world religions. The author is very clear and points out important aspects. I’ve learned a lot about the topic from this, it sorts out fact from fiction! The author also doesn’t pressure you into any beliefs, but to use your own as you read, which I respect entirely. I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone since voodoo stereotypes are everywhere.


MEET Riley Star

Riley Star swears she did not make it her life’s mission to shock her mother, but admits she’s doing a fine job all the same. A solitary practitioner of the Wiccan religion, Star writes in the fields of religion, New Age, the occult, and all types of spirituality.

Her “day job” working in a metaphysical bookstore gives her access to plentiful reading and research material, but she also meets a lot of questioning people daily. “Learning where people are on their own path is so fulfilling for me,” she says. “The questions people bring to their personal quest fascinate and motivate me. There are so many ways of being in the world, and I want to understand them all.”

Deeply influenced by the work of comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell, Starr still lists The Power of Myth as her favorite book. “We all have forces at work in our daily lives we try to understand,” she says, “and we all tell ourselves stories to get through the day.”

After caring for an elderly aunt who was a dementia patient, Starr was shocked when someone suggested the experience might have left her open to demonic possession. “That really sent me digging into demonology to try to understand where that explanation would come from!” she said. “That’s when I discovered a powerful trove of demon lore and of course, I had to write about it.” Read More

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